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Scope of Inspection

Residential Standards
The visual inspection includes the following: Sitework (grading, drainage, landscaping, driveway, flatwork, retaining walls, fences, gates), Structure/Foundation (slab-on-grade, wall foundations, post & piers, floor, wall, ceiling and roof  framing), Exterior (sidings, trims, ventilations, door and windows, porch, balcony, stairs), Chimneys, Carport, Garage, Roof (covering, flashings, drainage), Plumbing Systems (water supply, DWV pipes, fixtures), Water Heaters, Electrical Systems (panel boards, wiring, power outlets, switches, fixtures), Heating Systems, Cooling Systems, Interior (doors, windows, walls, ceilings, floor), Stairs, Built-in Appliances, Accessible Crawlspace/Attic, Insulation, Ventilation, and Chimneys and Fireplaces.

The visual inspection excludes the following: possible presence of or danger from any potentially harmful substances and environmental hazards including but not limited to radon gas, lead paint, asbestos, urea formaldehyde, toxic or flammable chemicals, water or airborne hazards, and electromagnetic radiation. Also excluded are inspections of and reports on building code or zoning ordinance violations; geological stability or soils condition; structural stability or engineering analysis; termites, pests, or other wood destroying insects; conditions of detached buildings; pools or spas structures and underground piping; saunas and steam baths; private or public sewage systems; radio-controlled devices; automatic gates; elevators; lifts; dumbwaiters; and thermostatic or timer controls; security systems; central vacuum systems; water softener; sprinkler systems; fire and safety equipments; and prediction of life expectancy of any item.

Commercial Standards

The visual inspection includes the following: Site reconnaissance, Limited interviews & inquiries, Construction documents review, Site development systems, Structure systems, Exterior & Interior non structural systems, Roofing systems, Plumbing systems, Heating & Cooling systems, Electrical systems, Conveyance systems, and Life & Fire safety systems. Additional considerations include ADA accessibility, and immediate repairs & Short term probable costs estimates.  

The visual inspection excludes the following: emergency fire fighting equipment such as pumps, sprinklers, water distribution systems, alarms, smoke detectors, hoses, extinguishers, etc.; decorative landscaping; all water well and septic system components; inspection and pressure test of gas system; all furnishings; all interior decorative or finished surfaces and items; exterior markers and signs; security  equipment and systems; termite infestation and/ or damage ( current or previous ); asbestos materials, current or previous; area flood conditions; noise or air pollution; hazardous waste and radon gas; legal description of property such as boundaries, egress/ingress, etc.; conformance with governing codes, manufacturers specifications, and legal requirements of all kinds (such as the American Disabilities Act ); geological, geotechnical or hydrological conditions, and erosion control and earth stabilization measures; engineering or architectural service or adequacy of any structural system or component, and condition of crawlspaces and attics with less than 18 and 36 inches headroom respectively; interior of flues or chimneys, adequacy of the chimney, and metal chimney pipe section joints inside of chase; the balance of the fireplace design, and ignite or extinguish fires; walk upon a roof with tile and wood roofing materials; water pumps, water conditioning systems, solar water heating systems, adequacy of the water supply, condition of underground pipes, operate valves, and inaccessible pipes; the remote control devices , the low voltage wiring, systems and components, step-down transformers, the ancillary wiring, systems and components not a part of the primary electrical power distribution system, to measure amperage, voltage, or impedance, quantity and amperage of receptacles/switches in each circuit, the panel board more than 400 ampere capacity; the heat exchanger, the humidifiers or de-humidifiers, the electronic air filter, the radiant heating system, the solar space heating system, adequacy and distribution balance of HVAC systems, window air-conditioning systems, the evaporative cooler, and heating and cooling systems when testing could directly disturb the occupants; and other specific or general property or area conditions not stated specifically to be included in our survey.