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Maintenance Task

  1. Install smoke detectors as necessary (at least one in the hallway on each level of the home and one in each bedroom).
  2. Make any electrical improvements recommended in the home inspection report.
  3. Remove any wood/soil contact to prevent rot and insect damage.
  4. Change the locks on all doors. Exterior door locks shall be readily openable without the use of a key.
  5. Remove or correct trip hazards such as broken or uneven walks, patios, and driveways. 
  6. Correct unsafe stairways and landings. 
  7. Have all chimneys inspected and serviced before operating any of these appliances.
  8. Locate and mark the shut-off for the heating, electrical and plumbing systems.
  9. Clean the gutters, downspouts, and valleys in the spring and fall.
  10. Check for damaged roofing and flashing materials twice a year.
  11. Cover turbine vents every winter/rainy season to prevent water intrusions.
  12. Cut back trees and shrubs from the house walls, roof and system.
  13. Clean the tracks on the horizontal sliding doors and windows annually.
  14. Test ground fault circuit interrupters using the test button monthly.
  15. Check furnace filters, humidifiers, and electronic air cleaners monthly.
  16. Clear faucets/shower heads strainer/aerator of rust flakes regularly, if pipe is galvanized-iron.
  17. Install and re-secure door stops as needed.
  18. Check attics for evidence of leaks, and condensation, and make sure vents are not obstructed, at least twice a year.

Caulking is necessary:

  1. Wherever the masonry meets the siding.
  2. Where pipes, cables and wires enters the house.
  3. Around window frames, door frames, and pet door entrances.
  4. Around air conditioners, exhaust fan vents, and clothes dryer vents.
  5. Around forced air furnace base and false floor panel joints and floor penetrations.
  6. Underneath metal or wooden door thresholds.
  7. At corner joints formed by siding and on split or broken siding.
  8. At joins, seams, cracks, or leaks in gutters.
  9. Around all roof vents, dormer, chimney flashing, and other roof penetrations.
  10. Where skylights meet a roof or wall and around vent stacks that go through a roof.
  11. Where the antenna connects to the house.
  12. Between any dissimilar materials such as wood and masonry, wood and metal, etc..
  13. Cracks in foundation, slabs, or basement floors and walls.
  14. Along the foundation sill plate- where wood framing rests on the foundation.
  15. With heat-resistant caulk, around the flues and chimneys, and at chimney joints.
  16. At gaps where the chimney passes through an attic and walls.
  17. Around fixtures such as bathtubs and toilets, where water could spill unto a floor.
  18. Around showers, shower heads and shower door tracks, sinks faucets, and soap dishes.
  19. Around pipes beneath sinks.
  20. Around splash boards and sinks rim in bathrooms and kitchens.